Emotional Wellness and Empowerment

​Transformation & Empowerment


I wanted to create programs that would take someone from the depths of their emotional pain of the past to a place of peace and daily presence, then onward to a future where anything and everything is possible.  Because I truly believe we all hold the power to create the lives we want.  The following programs each have an element of authenticity and empowerment.  They were designed to meet you wherever you are at.  They can be taken in conjunction with each other or on their own. 

I. Emotional Wellness (The Joy Package):  This program focuses on Emotional Wellness and deals with the emotional issues of past and present.  It's no secret that our emotions are stored in our bodies as cell memories.  I use 3 techniques to help release the emotions and/or limiting beliefs that are keeping you trapped and unable to move on. Integrated Energy Therapy releases the negative emotional energy in our bodies. Emotional Freedom Technique is used to release any limiting beliefs that come up and are contributing to your emotional blockage. This is also where we will release unwanted patterned behaviors, like emotional eating and anger issues etc.  I also use what I call Authentic Alignment to help you connect with your authentic self. Exploring the perspective of universal connection empowers you with compassion and authenticity which will open the door to forgiveness and peace.  Each of these three techniques are successful in their own right, when you combine them however, it can lead to a very powerful transformation.  This is a three month commitment of 6 sessions (3 IET/ 3 EFT/authentic alignment discussions)

**If you have a lot of baggage and you are not sure if you want to commit to a 3 month program, come in for a Discovery Session.  This is a 90 minute session that will identify what you want to work on and include some EFT and IET so you can get a good idea if this is what you are looking for.**

II.  Energy Wellness (The Abundance Package):  This program focuses on Energy Wellness and how to bring about Abundance in all aspects of your life.  Here you will learn about energy and how to work with it.  We all have the ability to harness positive energy and use it to make our lives better.  We will go over how to balance your own chakras, manifest the life you want, use intention, and cultivate intuition.  Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy will be used to connect with your purpose and get rid of subconscious blocks that are preventing you from manifesting that.  Emotional Freedom Technique will also be used to release any associated limiting beliefs regarding attaining your dreams.    Nothing is more empowering than knowing and cultivating the connection between you and the Universe. This is a three month commitment of 6 advanced sessions (IET, EFT, and manifest sessions)

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