Emotional Wellness and Empowerment

The best part of my job, is watching my clients respond so positively to these methods of self healing and discovery. 


"This was a process for me.....​ I'm definitely more at peace and can handle more.......This program opened doors for deeper understanding.  Each door has led to another door opening, so in a way the program doesn't end at the end of a session.......Good things happened that I didn't expect, leading me to want to know and understand more.........I am grateful for this experience and plan to return for more sessions.  I believe it is a powerful tool."    - Victoria B.

"I definitely have a more positive outlook....My greatest takeaways would be feeling less afraid of discussing my past and working to come from my heart in my decisions and responses to others.....This program felt really comfortable and provided me with a lot of tools to be better able to handle both the past and current situations.......I really feel like I got to get in touch with my energy and emotions in a very natural and helpful way."    - Tori B.

"Lori has been wonderful to work with....  I have seen many therapists over the years, but working with her was truly empowering.....  I would recommend her to anyone and everyone."   - Diana P.