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Could this be what you've been missing?


I used to think that everyone should have some kind of therapist.  Someone who could be an impartial sounding board when you really need to work something out.  Their education of the human psyche is invaluable.  I've seen a few in my lifetime for a variety of reasons with mostly positive results.  I've done a lot of my own work with their help.  As the saying goes "Childhood is what we spend the rest of our lives trying get over".  As I learned more and more and accepted more and more about myself I kept thinking I should be done.  I had learned and accepted all there is to learn and accept about myself and my life.  Then something would happen that would just throw me.  

One day I ran across something that although was conceptually very similar to traditional therapy, it  had one aspect that was very different.  Spirituality and becoming one's authentic self.

Some people confuse spirituality with religion.  Spirituality to me, is merely the journey towards one's authentic self.  Spirituality is inclusive of ALL FAITHS. 

I was so changed by my experience with this Spiritual Counselor that I spent the next 6 months as her student, becoming certified myself. 

At Awakenings, we approach the trials of life, past and present, from the refreshing point of view of the spirit, soul, or heart space.  Once the ego is taken out of it, things become much more clear, as does the path towards authenticity.  As you become aligned with your authentic self (The person you know you are in your heart) the more at peace you will be.  Those who are on this path often find Forgiveness, Joy, and Purpose.

I provide a warm, safe, friendly environment.  Much like a minister, a Spiritual Counselor is bound by confidentiality.  I keep my fees reasonable.  A sliding scale is available.

Sessions are 60 minutes

​Spiritual Counseling