Emotional Wellness and Empowerment

One of the fascinating things about working with energy, is that you do not have to use touch.  It's all about intention and projection.  In this way, work can be done on someone miles away.  The result is the same.  Sometimes due to proximity, illness, or just timing, it's hard to actually get into the office setting.  For this reason I offer ALL of my energy sessions as a long distance option.  This way you can enjoy everything each session has to offer in the comfort of your own home.

How it works is you contact me and we decide whether this is right for you.  If it is, we set up a mutual time that works.  A time you can devote to quiet time or meditation. This way the body is fully accessible while the mind is peacefully at rest.  For sessions that involve counseling or Emotional Freedom Technique, Skype works wonderfully.

Everything I offer can be done online with phenomenal results, including......

Integrated Energy Therapy

Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy

Emotional Freedom Technique

Transformation Programs