Emotional Wellness and Empowerment

Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy

In this energy session, the focus is your Soul's Mission.  The energy of your soul's mission resides in your 8th chakra.  During this session, the subconscious blocks you may be putting up in resistance to your soul's mission are removed.  The energy of your mission will then be brought down through your energy field which will facilitate it's manifestation.  We also work with the Universe to cast out a "net" to help bring in the necessary tools, people, and situations that will help you with this manifestation.

Session is 90 minutes and 

requires ​3 previous IET sessions

Long Distance available

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This type of energy work is designed to work specifically with our emotional baggage.  When we experience trauma or an especially emotionally charged event, the energy that associates with that memory can actually get trapped in our very cells.  It's called cellular memory.  This trapped energy creates an energy blockage.  IET creates an atmosphere for this energy to not only be released, but be replaced with positive energy that is extremely powerful.  Working on this cellular level "gets the issues out of your tissues" and promotes emotional balance. 

One lies fully clothed on the table and completely relaxes.  Sitting in a chair is also an option if needed. The practitioner uses touch on specific integration points, then systematically floods the area and it's associated cellular memories with positive energy.  You may feel warmth, tingling, or perhaps nothing at all, as the practitioner works.

I often combine other energy healing components such as Reiki during a session.  I use my intuition to decide what is in the best interest of the client.

I like to provide an extremely relaxing environment.  I use other modalities such as music, crystals, and diffused essential oils to enhance the experience.  This is tailored to each individual and can be modified to suit specific needs.  

Session is 60 minutes, 

but is best to leave yourself


​Long Distance available

Integrated Energy Therapy​ (IET)