Emotional Wellness and Empowerment

Lori Palmer

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), Master-Instructor

Emotional Wellness Advocate

Abundance Coach

Authentic Self Advisor

On a personal note

I received a B.S. in Biology in 1996.  An academic at heart, the world of energy took me by surprise, and then by storm in 2010.  In April 2015, I became certified as an Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Master-Instructor by the founder, Stevan Thayer.  In September 2016, I completed a program on Emotional Freedom Technique and it's amazing affects on limiting beliefs and abundance from Carol Look.  I now combine energy, authenticity, and Emotional Freedom Technique to help people become their best selves.  When we have the ability to let go of what's not serving us and acquire the knowledge for how to incorporate what will, we open the door for Authentic Empowerment.  

An Energy Healer acts as a channel for Universal Life Force Energy when they work.   They are the most effective when their channel is clear.  There is debate as to what makes a channel clear.   I feel as long as the lifestyle is authentic to the healer, they will be a great one.   The more at peace the healer is with their own life, the clearer their channel will be, and the more powerful your session will be.  

I have been on an intensive spiritual journey since 2010.   This means that in 2010, my life hit a bottom of sorts.  I looked in the mirror and felt a huge disconnect between who I saw, and who I knew myself to be.  Thus the search for my authentic self began.  I have done a lot of work.  I have read many books by the world's top spiritual leaders.  I have attended many workshops and classes.  I am more at peace with who I am than I've ever been.  I live life with Intention and Love.  Everything I offer comes from my heart.  

​​​ When I was looking office space, there was something very special about the center that I felt very drawn to.  The Energy.  It has a very welcoming, loving feel to it.  As someone who is very aware of energy and how it can effect the environment, I was pleased to learn that the owners actually had the place cleansed when they were renovating.  You can tell.  It just feels fresh.   I cleanse the energy in my office often to keep it ready for healing.  

about Energy Healing
 Awakenings is located inside the East Side Wellness Center